Water Only for Three Days

The differentiation between fasting and starving is the intention.

My second fast was weary because I thought more about losing physical weight. When attention for a spiritual fast is shedding “invisible” weight – I believe. But my first fast blessed me with eyes.

As a Hebrew Israelite family, we are learning The Most High’s ways, spoken of in Testament. The Feast of Tabernacles is observed by many Israelite’s in September. Spirit (Ruach) urged me to fast three days once I read the call from Watchman Reports.

I was determined to drink only water. I was even hesitant and mindful as I taste tested the smoothies and food I prepared for my husband and our child.

Fasting is not entirely easy. Thank Yah for my mother. She guided me by suggesting I breathe through hunger pains, meditate, and pray, as well as drink green tea for nutrients. My personal trainer, Aretha Toggart, also blessed me with a detox, days before the fast (I completed the detox before knowing when our observance of Yah’s Feast Day would take place – Elohiym is intentional and wonderful). And My Honey whipped up a wholesome southern gumbo – mmym!

Literally, my sight changed. EVERYTHING was more clear, HalleluYah. When I looked through my eyes, I felt present. Alert. In control. Aware. My decisions and choices were thought through. My power to arrest thoughts that did not serve me enhanced. I choose happiness. I choose me. I choose joy and love. I had energy. . . positive and moveable energy.

A lesson I truly earned is eyes offer glances of souls. HalleluYah.

Looking at my husband and our little one, I see them.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I see me.

I remember when I ate at the conclusion of my first fast. I noticed I did not hold my plate directly under my chin, it rested next to where I sat. I did not over pour my portions, my eyes gaged accurately a serving size. When I ate, I did not scarf down multiple cashews at a time. One by one, I savored their rawness.

On the flip side, I lost 10 lbs from the detox and fast. I thanked The Most High for eyes to see, but I was overly excited for the physical weight I lost. My intention came into question.

September has a few Feast Days for El Elyon.

I decided to go on a second fast. As I mentioned earlier, it was weary. I fasted during the day and ate in the evening. My purpose for fasting straddled me on a fence, one I prayed (and pray) forgiveness for.               

My goal weight was overshadowing Yah’s praise. My physical self blocked Elohiym’s lessons (and possible blessings). I began my second fast with the mind to rid my impetuous spirit – overeating.

Though I did not consume only water and green tea this time, I noted how my discipline was present during the days.

Aretha mentioned somethings to me when we decided to halt training because of my fasting:

  1. Let [The Most High] lead me
  2. “A regular fast not spiritual will cause the body to seem to lose weight but you put it back on after the fast is over”

Again, Mother Hill plays in my mind, “How you gone win when you ain’t right within.”

My third and recent fast, water only, was encouraged because of those realizations, as well as the Feast of Atonement, and desiring to know how Law is represented in the “Old Testament” versus “New Testament”.

HALLELUYAH! When I say our Yah is GOOD! Blessings, Elohiym! Our Yah is worthy! HalleluYah! ALL praises! Blessings, Yahuah! Blessings, Elohiym!

There is so much to be thankful for. Daily! Moment by moment. HalleluYah!

The lessons, Yah’s craftmanship. The details, the choices, the observations, the experiences. Every part, piece, second, time of our/the/Yah’s day is orchestrated by Yahuah’s nod. . . Elohiym’s “okay”.

Our breath, another moment, another day is Yah’s grace! HalleluYah. So much to give praise for, so much. All and everything Yah is in control of. The tears, the rain, the sunshine, the smiles, the joy, the love, the hope. The Faith.

For example, though we are in trouble times, perilous times, end times (read Cepher Ezra), though so-called blacks are still in the land of our captivity:

Ezekial 11: 16                                                                                                                                                           Therefore say, ‘Thus says Elohiym The Most High: “Although I have cast them far off among the Gentiles, and although I have scattered them among the countries, yet I shall be a little sanctuary for them in the countries where they have gone.

How marvelous is The Most High. Mannn, listen. Reading Testament, reading Scripture, reading the so-called Old Testament (including lost/stolen books, e.g., Yasher, Baruk, Ezra, etc.) I see OUR rebellion as a people. I see how WE are stiff-neck and stubborn, since the beginning of time, and to this day. . .

Another post for another day. . .

Needless to say, I thank The Most High for my recent fast, for Scripture, for our family, for time to get on Yah’s straight and narrow path. Blessings, Elohiym. For forgiveness and Yah’s grace.

What’s next?

Well, this rising I rose at first wake – 4:00 a.m. (Tip: I set my alarm ringtone to my phone ringtone, so I feel someone is calling me – after all, isn’t Yah?) My Love sat up in bed and said, “Who’s calling you?” (:

So, waking up at 4 am, speaking with Yah, reading Scripture/having a lesson, working (my body and/or my business), writing, prepping the house all before 7:00 a.m. are my non-negotiables.


My body does fine not eating and snacking all throughout the day and night. I breathe threw my nose while I drink water to up my intake. I discovered how to make enjoyable broccoli and rice and peas. I feel my clothes fitting. I am still learning. Growing and shedding;

Love and Blessings.

What are you releasing that no longer serves you?

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