Our First Family Photo

Introducing mountains made, viewed, climbed and moved.

Come, partake in this new moms view.

Stop Child Protective Services

The state is illegally kidnapping our children. We pray for justice while knowing true justice will pour fire on our oppressors when The Most High returns for judgment and His children. Stay course, Zion.

Our First Year of New Life

We, as a family, made it to a year. All praises to The Most High. In this time of gratitude and reflection there are renewed lessons and we are here for it. Thank Yah for time.

Is being called African American an insult?

When slave ships stored humans from Africa and dropped them off throughout the earth’s four corners as chattel, names slashed on this group of people. Though time evolves and the progression of terms is evident, these scattered people’s disconnect continues to increase. Disconnected are we from everything we once were – heritage, tradition, culture, language,Continue reading “Is being called African American an insult?”

Included, for you

Can anyone hear me?Can anyone see;Does anyone know me?Who I am, was, and plan to be;Should it matter?May Ifalter, crumble,Build and regainAll in the same day? All at a synchronized time. Who is sheMeOr you, if you relate, too. To and fromFrom and toPackage gets resentRegardless of the labels“Handle with care” Sometimes, they just stareCuriousContinue reading “Included, for you”


“Transparently, I am on a diet (Die-It); having to remind myself daily to get back on target. In other words, praying for forgiveness then giving sincerity when I repent; asking for guidance as I consistently search for the best me and introduce her, myself again.”


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