Hello, Love!

Welcome to my site, giving access to my personal and professional life (they blend together).

Explore Our First Family Photo for blog posts on my journey as a 28-year-old chosen one, daughter, wife, first-time mother, educator, and believer. I encourage your comments and our discussions in hopes we may reveal vital truths that we are connected. My goal is to live my life and write my experiences on removing what we’ve understood as the so-called black woman and stepping into who our Creator crafted and promised us to be.

As a spoken word artist, I have been a guest speaker motivating youth with the transparency of storytelling my life. English classes at Boyd Anderson High School read my first collection of poetry Puff Puff Give and invited me to speak. I have also worked with organizations in Montgomery, Alabama as their poetry instructor for young people. Let’s collaborate and support each other! Understand, Young ARTivists began as a seed in Alabama’s soil.

During my me time, I enjoy journeying through literature when I read and think about lost books. Most days, I am blessed with insight when looking directly at the sun, or closing my eyes under the sun’s bright rays. Mindfulness is key when I take a conscious deep breath in the morning when first stepping outside to give thanks to The Most High Yah for another day.

The clouds remind me of Yahuah’s presence. Stars make me smile while thoughts of lesser and greater lights enter my mind. Seed bearing plants (fruits and vegetables) reveal to me they are a great form of worship — when consumed, grown, and shared.

Of course tunes and vibrations are fun past times, both live and recorded. My favorite artists are compiled by storytellers who show transparency brings healing: Lauryn Hill, Jamilia Woods, Nique, H.E.R., Ella Mai, Brint Story, T.Strokz, TuPac, Eve, Big K.R.I.T., and Sunni Patterson.

When I first found my voice, during my introduction to spoken word while attending Alabama State University, eye created a quote: “Life is too short because we take too long to live it.”

I am now remembering, and actively trying to live.

What is your story?

Here is a view of mine. Hopefully we can write, share, and grow together.

Love and Blessings,

Janelle Poetic Puff Graham

P.S. I pray my vunerability brings you love, so you may also prepare for The Most High’s return. May we be worthy to enter into Elohiym’s Kingdom and all smile as we take our first family photo. HalleluYah! Shalom.


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  1. Hello Janelle, hello from Downunder! I saw you liked one of my blogs so I hopped on over to read a bit about you. We come from entirely different worlds and backgrounds yet isn’t that what WordPress is about? Being able to connect with others we could meet no other way? I look forward to reading more of your writing! Jo

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