Dear So-Called Black Women: My Letters on How-To (help)Remove Stereotypes About Us

We define or label ourselves and subconsciously permit stereotypes of being angry/loud, promiscuous, strong, independent, and ugly as our natural way of being. Blasphemy! No more! Let us remove these lies with truth. Where does our truth come from? The Most High.

Love, Death, Molestation, Renewal, LIFE creates the best songs

Now, I give this detailed story so you understand that writing again took time. And took me getting into a place outside of my comfort zone. A place of forgiving myself and moving in faith.

What is Understood Does Not Need to Be Explained

The renewing of my life as a Hebrew woman does not sit well with family, friends, and my flesh. Some say you can see one’s soul through one’s eyes. I desire for my spirit to be seen in my walk and talk. HalleluYah. And that means listening to Elohiym’s voice regardless of who hears or respects Yah calling me.

Ever been frustrated because you didn’t Understand?

Hellooo, Lay your head back, relax your beautiful mind, and enjoy this ride. Get yourself some [Clearing music going , find something to be happy at And let that ^happening^ Spirit move through you. Because what I believe is that *they forgot to tell you … “You can find happiness. -Within. Yourself, my love!” SoContinue reading “Ever been frustrated because you didn’t Understand?”

Water Only for Three Days

The differentiation between fasting and starving is the intention.

I fasted three times with various and adjoining experiences.

This post is a reflection, reminder, and an account of some of those moments.