Young ARTivists

There is no deception in perception when it is your own.

Janelle Graham, Young ARTivists Founder

What is a “Young ARTivist?” Youth who use art to express any and every injustice they face internally and externally. Art in the forms of, but not limited to, poetry, rap, spoken word, photography, videography, drawing, painting, and music are outlets some of our youth use to share their minds and hearts.

Young ARTivists is founded on the principles that all youth have a voice and a right to speak up and speak out about the world around them and the world within.

Young ARTivists create and celebrate safe spaces during weekly gatherings:

Motivational Monday – Activities for reflection that motivate self and others (i.e., creating or watching motivational videos, writing letters, meditation).

Topic Tuesday – Discussing news from local, mass, and underground media (i.e., a space to create action steps when necessary). 

Writers Wednesday – Learning cursive hand writing while working towards self-publication (i.e., short stories, personal essays, poetry).  

TURN UP Thursday – Diving into figurative language and the ways expression can be used to bring change (i.e., making songs).

FUN Friday – Board games are played, and an open mic takes place (i.e., youth have an opportunity to share what they’ve created throughout the week).  

Young ARTivists aid with being critical, active, and accountable thinkers within their personal lives and community. The vision of the Young ARTivists community is rooted in defining self, establishing and maintaining healthy thinking, and discovering various clear avenues for communication.


We are currently working on accommodating the Young ARTivists program with virtual interaction.

In the interim, if interested, please register for free to be a Young ARTivists member:

“Janelle goes out of her way and puts in much planning time preparing for her sharing/workable time with her groups so as to assure them meaningful experiences. She does this on her own, does not collect money, and offers what she can to provide activities and purpose for students when schools are not in session. Keep up the good work, Janelle!”

Ramona Rung

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