What is Understood Does Not Need to Be Explained

When the trees blow with the wind, when I see the clouds sway across the sky – I know it is The Most High. The river by our home often reflects the night moon and ducks resting by the banks; I give thanks to The Most High. When our family wakes in the a.m., I see our little one walk through the bedroom door and My Love’s handsome face. Yahuah receives all my praise!

I see Elohiym and Yah’s glory everywhere – at least, I do my best to.

Do you ever hear a voice in your head? Some call it the voice of reason. Scripture says Yah put counsel within us. However you identify the speaker, do you hear them? Do you acknowledge the guide coming from within?

Sometimes when I prep food, I hear thoughts say their input on my portion. There are moments I listen and other times I shrug the grip off my shoulder.

There are times Spirit says to grab my husband and kiss him when we are in a disagreement. But my fleshly barriers fight the command.

Waking up at 4:00 a.m. gives me time to pray, read, write, and have space before my family and workday start. But there are days I hit snooze on my alarm and mute Yah’s call.

I pray for mercy.

I ask for strength.

Lately, I have been praying more for my will and The Most High’s will to align as one. Throughout the day I close my eyes. Taking a deep breath, I envision circles of light lining up through the center of my body.

This is how I reset when emotions or thoughts try to overtake me that I know do not serve me and Yah’s plan for my/our life.

Sis told me of a day she had when she listened to her intuition, to Spirit, the first time. Throughout the day she did not second guess, question, or refuse how Spirit was leading her. And her day was “Glorious!”

My point in all this is Elohiym speaks to us. And I must stop allowing my flesh or other people to quiet or silence the governing I know I receive.

The Most High is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want

We are now in the helladay season. Let me burst your unbothered or miseducated bubble. There is nothing holy about the seed and root of these days we are conditioned to celebrate.

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I remember two years ago, Terrence and I decided we were done. No more pagan rooted rituals or celebrations. `For`example, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and all else.

Our families were not happy.

And it was tough being the black sheep as Terrence says. But we knew Elohiym was taking us on a journey to be set apart.

Now don’t get me wrong, I get the importance of spending time and gathering with family. And I understand this slave system has us giving up all our time. We work ’til we don’t have the energy to pick up the phone let alone visit loved ones whenever we so choose or need to. And you think it is coincidence everyone is off around these times, so coordinating is easier?

But everything convenient ain’t always good for us.

My intention is not to make this post about the pagan practices within these helladays. If you don’t care to do your research (or apply what you learn), we already do not have much to discuss.

Nonetheless, I have decided to stop making and accepting excuses. For the sake of my sanity and growing family, I will not go along with the go-along for the sake of tradition.

ESPECIALLY when the Elohiym we serve, the Elohiym of Avraham, Yitschaq, and Ya’aqov makes it CLEAR not to serve any gods before him (intentionally or inadvertently). Period.

I digress.

I Need The Most High’s Protection

The way Scripture speaks of Elohiym’s protection is not to be taken lightly. Three young men in a fire unburned. A man in a den of lions unscarred. One man and his family, guided out by the hand of angels before fire and brimstone consumed them with their town.

Endless examples, tangible stories, and not only parables.

And with my whole heart, I believe, The Most High in the beginning and throughout time is the same today.

Yah is no different.

Elohiym is still jealous and will not beg for our service and obedience.

So, yes, I will aim to please Elohiym even if that means displeasing people or the ones I love (at first). Of course, easier said than done! But Yah is worthy of my reconditioning and reprogramming. Of my crying and trying. Why? I know Yah’s hands will mold me if I stop being so dog-gone stiff-necked, stubborn, and hard-headed.

I trust Yah is way better than my own.

There is a lot of detoxing that is taking place. Starving and flushing out destructive survival habits, overthinking, lies, and sinful or gluttonous eating.

How I carry myself internally and as the world sees, must continue to evolve daily as Yah blesses new days.

Discipline is Correction, Correction is Love*

Terrence has reiterated over the past week that those who follow Yah must have Torah in their heart.

I have since started reading again the Testament from the beginning. Elohiym has all my glory and thanks. I am realizing and picking up on information I did not digest before.


I am learning from Scripture, from the times before me, and seeing the connection to today – to my days.

I now only aim to eat while the sun is up, there is a discipline coming from this practice.

I am preparing my strength to speak using social media and art, about the wrong of the world and the right of Yah.

I am engaging in tough conversations with My Love. So we may continue growing on our own and together “as the world continues to turn”.

I know peace and Yah’s grace will not come without time and effort. Attention and detail.

And as I continue walking, everyone (including my flesh) is not meant to hear Yah speak to me. But my obedience to Elohiym and Wisdom will reveal Yahuah is present.

“I know I’m in this world, but I’m not of this world. . . I am sanctuary.”


*Reverse this line


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