Raising Zion, ah. . . differently[.]

When our daughter sleeps and dreams, she reminds me of comfort — spread out, moving and stretching, smirking and talking, as she rests.

Meanwhile, our sleep is sometimes disrupted by earthquakes, sinkholes, talks of loud booms across our nation and world, children missing and police shootings. . . blessings. . . research proving we are Hebrew Israelites, the true Jews. So much is in our sight when eye lids cover our eyes. Dreams come from Yah preparing and warning us to continue and deepen the path we are on. A new journey, different from the one Terrence and I were raised and grew up on, creates opportunities to look beyond the iron curtain.

I am often asked what my religion is, especially when folks question the reason for my wrapped hair, Friday night to Saturday night reservations due to Shabbat, skirt and dress attire, and observations that bring certain word choice in my conversation. As of late, folks ask if I am “jewish”. No, I am, we are, not; “ish” indicates “kind of”, “in a way”, or “approximately”. I am, we are, not Jew-ish, we are Jew, period. Jewish people are converts, meaning they have converted to the practice of Old Testament (Torah) teachings using religion (Judaism). On the other hand, Jews are Hebrew by bloodline, not conversion. Being a Jew is a culture, a birthright. For example, the state of Israel was established for Jewish people in 1948, yet, being Israel is not related to a location naturally. Israel, Yashar’el, is the name of our forefather Jacob, Ya’acov. Israel, Yashar’el, is not a place, it is a person. The powers that be are word wizards, and as the Children of Yah, we do our best to decode and unveil the truth. Especially now that we have a daughter, who we have a duty to pass our heritage to.

Yesterday was the final day for the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Yahuah speaks through Scripture instructing us to honor and remember Yahuah’s blessing of passing over Yashar’el in Mistraiym (Egypt) when Yahuah’s plague was brought to kill all the first born. Exodus 12 provides instructions that guided our celebrations this month. This is the second year Terrence, Zion’ah and I honored Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Last year I learned how to make unleavened bread while Zion’ah was in my belly. And this year unleavened bread was made with her strapped to my chest. Daddy gave her a piece of unleavened bread today and seeing her eat it and drinking water after will be a memory I will cherish forever. These customs among many are what we are establishing for our child, so she may know the way of The Most High and not part. Our customs are what we are learning, praying for grace and mercy each step of the way. Terrence and I, as instructed, removed leaven from our household and from the selection of our food for the past seven days. Personally, I am proud of us. It is my belief and observation that Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread will get better every year as we continue to seek Yah’s face and turn from our wicked ways. Day by day we are getting stronger and equipping ourselves for this spiritual war. And we would be doing an injustice if we do not teach the very gift Yah blessed us, Zion’ah, with the knowledge and wisdom to fight against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness in the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Raising Zion’ah differently can be challenging at times because our folks expect us to carry traditions we were raised on. “The glue” of our upbringings surround pagan traditions blanketed by Christian practices, this will not be passed onto our child. Why I no longer celebrate Christmas, why we no longer celebrate birthdays, why we honor dietary laws, why we do not believe “Jesus” is the son of The Most High, comes from the Old Testament (present and hidden books). Trust me when I say there are still truths I struggle with, but I have to lean not on my own understanding in order to be blessed with sight to see. I have to silence majority of what I know — have been taught. I am still unlearning to learn. For instance, there are more than 10 commandments, everything the Most High instructs is a command, period. The laws are not done away with as most followers of Christ believe and preach. Yah says not to envy the oppressor and choose non of his ways. However, the very doctrine that colonized and subdued our people is the one we willingly follow today. Many say Jesus is Lord, if that is not idol worship, I do not know what is. I can honestly go on and on, but I want to digress for the sake of not losing you with the focus of this post — raising Zion, ah. . . differently.

Some hesitation is shown with this play on words because I know who our family has returned to, Elohiym, is not popular. Scripture says there will be a remnant, and we can only learn, practice, and pray to be counted worthy.

Overall, we are raising our daughter to fear the Most High. Teaching her Yah is not all rainbows and love; our Yah is a jealous Yah who brings judgment. Our Yah has brought fire and brimstones upon cities and has swallowed Yahuah’s own people up whole by the ways of opening the earths mouth. Ultimately, Old Testament is our history book, not a religious text or a religion. And we must continue in our history. We must understand the heathen opened up our book and distorted information as stated in 1 Maccabees 3:48. But that does not mean we discredit our entire cepher (book) and count it as fallacy and parables, no. Our duty is to restore and relearn, so we may be obedient to Yahuah’s laws, statues and commandments and sound the horn along the way.

I knew when we became pregnant, Zion’ah was sent from the Most High. And who are we but to help prepare her to return whence she came. HalleluYah!

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The breeze makes me happy, leaves make me smile. And I am now a part of nature, I've brought forth life.

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