Reckon Women – Why I’m teaching Black history all year long

Reckon Women – Why I No Longer Celebrate Christmas

Puff Puff Give is my first collection of poetry. Puff Puff Give is divided by three chapters: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. This collection of poems was my introduction to the truth that transparency brings healing. Puff Puff Give can be found in Special Collections within Alabama State University’s library. Puff Puff Give was also studied by high school English classes at Boyd Anderson High School. This collection of poems is a story about the journey many of us take to finding and owning our truest self.

Instagram direct message, 2021

My second collection of poetry Love Is Blind And You’re My Walking Stick is my honest journey of discovering, leaving, and embracing love. Love is spoken of in this collection as an unexpected, yet anticipated encounter.

Dear, Mother Earth is my most recent collection featuring my photography and poetry, as well as featuring extraordinary poets Brint Story and Crown Vic, and photographer Michael Snapp. Dear, Mother Earth is an ode to natures depth around us and within us. This collection honors, through pictures and words, seeds or starting points and what manifests from this — love, intention, and care.

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