What is Understood Does Not Need to Be Explained

The renewing of my life as a Hebrew woman does not sit well with family, friends, and my flesh. Some say you can see one’s soul through one’s eyes. I desire for my spirit to be seen in my walk and talk. HalleluYah. And that means listening to Elohiym’s voice regardless of who hears or respects Yah calling me.

Water Only for Three Days

The differentiation between fasting and starving is the intention.

I fasted three times with various and adjoining experiences.

This post is a reflection, reminder, and an account of some of those moments.

Is being called African American an insult?

When slave ships stored humans from Africa and dropped them off throughout the earth’s four corners as chattel, names slashed on this group of people. Though time evolves and the progression of terms is evident, these scattered people’s disconnect continues to increase. Disconnected are we from everything we once were – heritage, tradition, culture, language,Continue reading “Is being called African American an insult?”

Included, for you

Can anyone hear me?Can anyone see;Does anyone know me?Who I am, was, and plan to be;Should it matter?May Ifalter, crumble,Build and regainAll in the same day? All at a synchronized time. Who is sheMeOr you, if you relate, too. To and fromFrom and toPackage gets resentRegardless of the labels“Handle with care” Sometimes, they just stareCuriousContinue reading “Included, for you”

Why I No Longer Want to Comfort Eat

               Gluttony is a sin, I know this. There is said to be a distinction between being knowledgeable, applying wisdom, and having understanding. When I take the bite filled with “why?” my mind cycles; rotating thoughts of directions right or left – not centered or aligned. To be aligned and centered, to me, is maintainingContinue reading “Why I No Longer Want to Comfort Eat”