Love, Death, Molestation, Renewal, LIFE creates the best songs

Now, I give this detailed story so you understand that writing again took time. And took me getting into a place outside of my comfort zone. A place of forgiving myself and moving in faith.

Water Only for Three Days

The differentiation between fasting and starving is the intention.

I fasted three times with various and adjoining experiences.

This post is a reflection, reminder, and an account of some of those moments.

Somebody’s, Mybody’s Story

Big brown eyes turning shades lighter and darker; eyebrows only plucked a handful of times, yet Mom states they are perfect. Broad nose, Poppy says, identifies our Graham lineage. High cheekbones, hills connected to the valley of my dimples. Mile wide smile, large gap tooth I was often teased for while equally praised; to me,Continue reading “Somebody’s, Mybody’s Story”

Zion’ah’s Pop is Changing

As many of you know, my breast feeding journey with Zion’ah did not last as long as I anticipated. As time progresses, here we are, Zion’ah’s eating has changed once again. Our Sweet Pea is now eating table food and she adores the variety of fruits and vegetables. Zion’ah was first introduced to a smoothContinue reading “Zion’ah’s Pop is Changing”

Shabbat Shalom

We have an obligation to raise our daughter in truth. In a world rising in anti-knowledge it is pivotal to seek Yah more. Why? Because The Most High is truth and salvation. I grew up in a catholic church and later became Christian. The various denominations within the religion never made sense to me. AndContinue reading “Shabbat Shalom”