3 Sharp Tips to Start and Sustain Your Online Business

Starting a new venture is tremendous. Sustaining and growing that vision is impactful. Focus and intention ensures you can continue building on the foundation you establish. Here are three vital tips for starting and sustaining your own online business. What matters to you? Brainstorming and being honest about the answer to this question is crucial.Continue reading “3 Sharp Tips to Start and Sustain Your Online Business”

Breaks Almost Break Me

As an educator I am given additional time off when holidays come around. Although I do not celebrate holidays, I take advantage of the weeks accompanying these days of celebration. For Thanksgiving, public schools received an entire week off and trust and believe I was aaaaaallllllllLLLLLLLL up in Zion’ah’s face! Every. Single. Day. And myContinue reading “Breaks Almost Break Me”