Somebody’s, Mybody’s Story

Big brown eyes turning shades lighter and darker; eyebrows only plucked a handful of times, yet Mom states they are perfect. Broad nose, Poppy says, identifies our Graham lineage. High cheekbones, hills connected to the valley of my dimples. Mile wide smile, large gap tooth I was often teased for while equally praised; to me,Continue reading “Somebody’s, Mybody’s Story”

Our Love Story

In a place where there are plenty of fish, Terrence and I found each other. We met on in September of 2014. I remember us messaging each other about books, movies, and music; and me wishing him a belated birthday. His photos intrigued me. Here was a handsome chocolate man with a smile thatContinue reading “Our Love Story”

Time? Full

Being a full-time Mom and educator has shown me a side of myself that I forgot I had. During this time of welcoming Zion’ah into our world and teaching high school, my perseverance and follow through continues to reach new levels. Due to this plandemic I began the school year teaching from home. My alarmContinue reading “Time? Full”