Ever been frustrated because you didn’t Understand?

Hellooo, Lay your head back, relax your beautiful mind, and enjoy this ride. Get yourself some [Clearing music going , find something to be happy at And let that ^happening^ Spirit move through you. Because what I believe is that *they forgot to tell you … “You can find happiness. -Within. Yourself, my love!” SoContinue reading “Ever been frustrated because you didn’t Understand?”

Breaks Almost Break Me

As an educator I am given additional time off when holidays come around. Although I do not celebrate holidays, I take advantage of the weeks accompanying these days of celebration. For Thanksgiving, public schools received an entire week off and trust and believe I was aaaaaallllllllLLLLLLLL up in Zion’ah’s face! Every. Single. Day. And myContinue reading “Breaks Almost Break Me”