Somebody’s, Mybody’s Story

Big brown eyes turning shades lighter and darker; eyebrows only plucked a handful of times, yet Mom states they are perfect. Broad nose, Poppy says, identifies our Graham lineage. High cheekbones, hills connected to the valley of my dimples. Mile wide smile, large gap tooth I was often teased for while equally praised; to me,Continue reading “Somebody’s, Mybody’s Story”

Me Time is Sweet Time (and that is okay)

The air conditionings reverberation and dim lights in our living room is the ambiance of silence and time. Silent enough for my happiness to linger and move my fingers on keys with letters and numbers. Thoughts pour out during these hours; time; time to create, think, read without redirecting full attention someplace of more value.Continue reading “Me Time is Sweet Time (and that is okay)”

Movement is Motivation

Giving up on myself occurs first before other’s have an opportunity to give up on me, I’ve realized is a coping mechanism of mine. Last month I began virtual training with Aretha’s Ultimate Bootcamp and the blessings have been endless; for instance, noticing my strengths and weaknesses, and owning them. Since graduating the illustrious AlabamaContinue reading “Movement is Motivation”