Baby Zi Likes to Swim

My mom, Zi’s YaYa, always had the the pool sparkling in the event anyone decided to take a dip. Last week, Zion’ah and I headed down to visit YaYa and splashed in the waters that held generations. My Poppy, Dad, siblings, friends, and family have countless memories at 6515’s pool. Last year, Terrence and IContinue reading “Baby Zi Likes to Swim”

no smile? Then Smirk.

Every moment as a mom isn’t filled with wide smiles and belly aching laughter. And I’ve come to terms that it’s okay to not always smile. Zion’ah, thankfully, isn’t a baby that cries just because. However, she does cry when she doesn’t get what she wants. Her tears become overwhelming when I hold her andContinue reading “no smile? Then Smirk.”

Two Month Old in Three Month Clothing

Dr. Katie came in to see her patient for her two month check up. Doc glowed with excitement because of how much our Sweet Pea is sprouting. A chart is shown to my husband and I depicting Zion’ah’s growth. Zi’s length, now 22 inches; her head circumference and weight are all projecting and gaining beautifully.Continue reading “Two Month Old in Three Month Clothing”

It’s Not The Baby Blues

Throughout my pregnancy with Zion’ah I would see articles on WhatToExpect about warnings and signs for “the baby blues.” Articles and people poured onto me warnings towards being mindful of various signs of depression that may arise once our Sweet Pea arrived (what many don’t know is I’ve had more than my share time withContinue reading “It’s Not The Baby Blues”

Separated, yet Together

It is never easy being away from those you love. There is something sacred about human interaction, genuine human connection. Granted, one doesn’t always have to share a space to feel and appreciate love. However, sharing hugs and seeing the laughter on someone’s face is and should remain unmatched. Our daughter is growing up inContinue reading “Separated, yet Together”