Four Ways To Maintain Mental Health While Changing Careers

Changing careers almost infused and consumed my former reality and my rising dreams. Check out these four suggestions to ensure your mental health is not sacrificed or compromised during your season.

Somebody’s, Mybody’s Story

Big brown eyes turning shades lighter and darker; eyebrows only plucked a handful of times, yet Mom states they are perfect. Broad nose, Poppy says, identifies our Graham lineage. High cheekbones, hills connected to the valley of my dimples. Mile wide smile, large gap tooth I was often teased for while equally praised; to me,Continue reading “Somebody’s, Mybody’s Story”

I take the heat, I am the kitchen

               Why does our culture refer to the back of our hair as the kitchen? Is it because kitchens are typically hot, and the congested curls toward the back of our head are usually a hot mess? Or because we pick at our naps like a dish of food, separating knots and curls as someoneContinue reading “I take the heat, I am the kitchen”

Baby Zi Likes to Swim

My mom, Zi’s YaYa, always had the the pool sparkling in the event anyone decided to take a dip. Last week, Zion’ah and I headed down to visit YaYa and splashed in the waters that held generations. My Poppy, Dad, siblings, friends, and family have countless memories at 6515’s pool. Last year, Terrence and IContinue reading “Baby Zi Likes to Swim”