Raising Zion, ah. . . differently[.]

When our daughter sleeps and dreams, she reminds me of comfort — spread out, moving and stretching, smirking and talking, as she rests. Meanwhile, our sleep is sometimes disrupted by earthquakes, sinkholes, talks of loud booms across our nation and world, children missing and police shootings. . . blessings. . . research proving we areContinue reading “Raising Zion, ah. . . differently[.]”

Our Love Story

In a place where there are plenty of fish, Terrence and I found each other. We met on pof.com in September of 2014. I remember us messaging each other about books, movies, and music; and me wishing him a belated birthday. His photos intrigued me. Here was a handsome chocolate man with a smile thatContinue reading “Our Love Story”