Four Ways To Maintain Mental Health While Changing Careers

Recurring sights of uncertainty or perceived failed attempts can lead to a multitude of concerning thoughts and emotions. Leaving a career and being in limbo before a new opportunity arrives may not be entirely preventable but taking action for self is manageable. According to Mental Health Stats, “In the United States, almost half of adults (46.4 percent) will experience a mental illness during their lifetime.” From experience and research, here are four ways to get through the days – and make them joyous.

  1. Read

Words have the power to bring the mind on a journey that supersedes physical movement. Reading eliminates time as dimensions open to pour experiences from a page into your subconscious. Taking moments to digest a new novel, how-to book, news article, or blog post may put your thought patterns on pause and shift gears to refreshing ideas. Staying well versed and building your brain muscle are always excellent skills to have. The exposure to other perspectives may also dust off your lens of unemployment so you can view and remember there is a much larger world outside of you. Strengthening your world scope can promote reflection to ensure your next steps align with optimizing your contribution to the life you wish to see and live.

2. Rest

What good are you if you burn out? What good are you if you stand by waiting? The medium between overworking and being nonchalant is rest. Allowing moments to debrief, breathe, and be still gives chances for a water break. Depending on the individual, changing careers can bring out the go-getter mentality or the I’m lost fuzz – either extreme is hazardous. Declaring sections of your day to rest may help because being present in life takes the pressure off. Playing a favorite childhood game, walking barefoot in the grass, taking a nap, enrolling in a boxing class are some ways to exhale. Bringing that necessary oxygen to your brain gives it a sense of love, trust, and belief; your thoughts will become more apparent when it is time to brainstorm your next best move for your renewed career path.

3. Plan

All smartphones have calendars as an app, and if you are the touch and grab type of person, physical planners are just as accessible. Whichever your preface, ensure you plan. Be honest with yourself about what you love to do – your why. A wise woman (my mother) once said, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” Once you have your why, set monthly goals that will bring you closer to seeing your why manifest, narrow down your monthly goals to weekly tasks, and finally daily to-do’s (keep rest in mind). Utilize an alarm to wake you in the morning. Creating a routine will help your mind understand everything you are doing is intentional and ultimately for the life you desire and deserve. And remember, no matter the outcome of your day, know that you are not your work. Stay clear on your why and take the days as they come – one at a time.

4. Set non-negotiables

As you make choices shaping your life and ultimately your next career, establish when and why you will say yes and no. Setting these boundaries will help your mental health. You should be your best self; do not compromise who you are for any position or company. This disciple begins with self, as you use this time in-between careers and reading, resting, planning — your follow-through must increase. During this season, you are technically not obligated to do anything. Still, if you want to walk into your next opportunity without a trip in your step, you must form your non-negotiables. A licensed therapist frequently says, “Commitment is not a feeling; it is an agreement.” Choose to follow through daily. Choose to be worthy of your ideal life always. Choose to advance your skills steadily. Select the tools you need that will help you achieve the tasks you have set out for yourself. And do not apologize for any of it. How will you refuse to settle? How far will you reach?

The world is ever-changing, ensure you build and sustain the foundation of your values, so there is always an avenue – already paved to be discovered or waiting to be made by you.

“Traveler, there is no path, The path is made by walking. . .”

Blessings, Love.

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