Zion’ah’s Pop is Changing

As many of you know, my breast feeding journey with Zion’ah did not last as long as I anticipated. As time progresses, here we are, Zion’ah’s eating has changed once again.

Our Sweet Pea is now eating table food and she adores the variety of fruits and vegetables. Zion’ah was first introduced to a smooth and defined surface with a curve; ends like clumped, thin, dry strains of hair. She was introduced to a color similar to the light that shines for a new day, giving blessings as vitamins. As she held what was pealed turned out to be a casing or layer, Zion’ah stared and smiled at this odd, slimy, smooth thing that accompanied Mommy and Daddy’s, “num-num.”

It was not long before time revealed Zion’ah admiration for bananas. . . for food in general.

Her first vegetable was a carrot, then a cucumber. I will never forget when she choked on a piece of cucumber. Thank Yah, Zion’ah vomited in response and that cleared her airways. . Blessings, Elohiym, thank You. HalleluYah! All praises to The Most High Yahuah because our child is truly protected, she is our healthy, happy, heaven sent baby. Blessings. . . the cucumber was only sliced, I believe the skin had her caught up. (Terrence likes the idea of puree and I baby-led weaning — we compromise along the way).

Scripture says The Most High blessed us with seed bearing fruit (I mentioned this in Movement is Motivation). Terrence and I have long stopped eating meat. We began with removing alcohol, then pork, then chicken and everything else. When we were pregnant, I remember folks asking me if our child would also be vegan or vegetarian. Why would we not raise our child in our ways? Are we not blessed with each other to go and grow together to where we began (with Yah)?

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, he will not depart from it.

In all honesty, we are blessed to witness and be a part of Zion’ah’s world! She discovers life on her time and with her full present self. Our Sweet Pea is evolving, HalleluYah! Blessings, Elohiym!

Thank You, Yahuah and thank you Family for choosing me, Blessings! < 3

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The breeze makes me happy, leaves make me smile. And I am now a part of nature, I've brought forth life.

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