Seeking for a new job on a refined career path was filled with thankfulness, wonder, and ecstatic energy from anticipating winds approaching.

My dear friend Caroline Martin compares me to butterflies. One day, her wisdom explained the journey of monarch butterflies migrating in packs up the eastern boarder along Mexico. I am excited to conduct more research on monarchs because in many ways I feel I am against the wind or traveling with it. . . feeling winter approaching and knowing, through cues, I am timing to move.

My endings into new beginnings are in terms of humbling and strengthening myself to fight demons long residing in the creases of my brain, wayfinding into territories prehistorically prayed for (mommying, wifeying), and preparing for a career path that aligns in processes taking note from influencers in the likeness of Toni Morrison — thinker, reader, editor, writer, and much more (while working from home).

Transparently, I am on a diet (Die-It); having to remind myself daily to get back on target. In other words, praying for forgiveness then giving sincerity when I repent; asking for guidance as I consistently search for the best me and introduce her, myself again.

Stay well.

Be blessed,


Published by ourfirstfamilyphoto

The breeze makes me happy, leaves make me smile. And I am now a part of nature, I've brought forth life.

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