Included, for you

Can anyone hear me?
Can anyone see;
Does anyone know me?
Who I am, was, and plan to be;
Should it matter?
May I
falter, crumble,
Build and regain
All in the same day?

All at a synchronized time.

Who is she
Or you, if you relate, too.

To and from
From and to
Package gets resent
Regardless of the labels
“Handle with care”

Sometimes, they just stare
Curious of what words needs to be exchanged, yet tongue doesn’t feel the same when dancing to a melody known too well
Repeating, like an 8 track, gets redundant if there ain’t hits

Marley said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”

So, why is there pain?
Why are feelings being washed away like a window pane after Yah’s presence brings a storm

Decide to shine
In the midst of clouds
Promises are revealed
If we just look around
And take time to see
Make choices to be

Seen, heard, nouns to verbs
Moving with action to bring satisfaction to intentions

Seeds can be planted, but what good if there is no light source or water flowing

I am just flowing, with this beat
Made by My Honey
Repentance for stings,
Sometimes flowers look like hands. . .
Was not braced for the grasp
To raise to eyes
Examination to rightly expect more of

You, if you relate, too

Can anyone hear?
Does anyone see?
Respond then, please.

– Poetic Puff

Published by ourfirstfamilyphoto

The breeze makes me happy, leaves make me smile. And I am now a part of nature, I've brought forth life.

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