Baby Zi Likes to Swim

My mom, Zi’s YaYa, always had the the pool sparkling in the event anyone decided to take a dip. Last week, Zion’ah and I headed down to visit YaYa and splashed in the waters that held generations. My Poppy, Dad, siblings, friends, and family have countless memories at 6515’s pool. Last year, Terrence and I were surrounded by loved ones as we popped balloons to reveal the biggest question at the time — are we having a boy or girl? And now, our little girl will take her first splash in the same place.

Call it the writer in me, being a first time mom, or dramatic, but putting Zi in her first bathing suit and watching her enjoying one of my sanctuaries as a child is a vivid memory I will carry (hence me sharing).

YaYa walked back and forth towards the steps with Zi while holding her slightly above water. The excitement of Zion’ah hearing YAY! constantly thrusted her thunder thighs to make forceful ripples behind her, “Kick, kick, kick. Kick, kick, kick,” YaYa and I cheered Zi on.

Zi would rest momentarily on my lap as she clapped for her pool experience. Her growing hands spread fingers out while perfectly colliding with one another, complimenting the wide smile on her face that revealed her dimples, high cheekbones, and gap tooth. Soon after resting, she leaned forward back into the water and YaYa’s arms, “Kick, kick, kick. Kick, kick, kick,” we chimed again.

About 15 minutes in Zi started getting raisin hands, so we knew it was time to exit the waters. At 11 months old, Zion’ah was not having it. I did not think at such a young age I would have to say, “Okay, just one more time.” She was off, kicking her legs down the shallow end with YaYa as her guide. But this time, on their way back to me, Zion’ah started using her arms! Oh my goodness! Our child was swimming! I don’t care what anyone says or constitutes as swimming, our child was doing it!

In all honesty, looking back at the entire pool day, Zion’ah didn’t show any fear in the water. She splashed, got water on her face, accidently swallowed some water, kind of floated on her back, and swam from one end of the shallow to another. She was good. Granted, I did not toss our child into the pool for her to fend for herself as some jokingly advised; but we are taking baby steps. Or should I say, baby “Strokz”.

What are some firsts you have of your child or loved one?

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The breeze makes me happy, leaves make me smile. And I am now a part of nature, I've brought forth life.

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