“It is the Question. . .”


Who am I? A mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend.

Who am I? Janelle Nicole Graham.

What do I like? The wind, water, poetry and tunes.

Do these conceptions or perceptions define me?

Currently, I am fasting. My fast is journeying me to purge the leaven or sin or dead weight within.

Being pregnant with Zion’ah I was filled with joy with anticipation. Overflowing with possibilities of what my, our, life will now be.

Come, closer, let me tell you what I have discovered:

My life now will never be the same and that is okay. The blessing in redefining myself is understanding, from scripture, how I may obtain wisdom. Peace and good health are gifts from The Most High; being intentional of my speech and meditations (thoughts) and learning skills will lead me into the life our daughter may grow to model.

Second guessing myself is a habit that must be done away with because there is an entire life I am now responsible for.

Fantasy land, I have moved out of, planning for dreams (manifesting what I think) through concrete maps and journey’s will lead us to happiness until the day of milk and honey.

My goal is no longer to have or expect “the” answer; however, my hope is to be and seek the question. And in this, my, our, journey will never end.

How can I love more?

How can I learn more?

What day will I create today?

What if I controlled my attitudes and thinking?

How will ridding excuses open doors of endless possibilities?

Is my heart warm enough for Yah’s ruach to reside and guide?

The Matrix is thinking we are in a world we have no control over. The world we live in provides choice, yet cannot be changed at the same time-that is confusion.

At 27 years of age, I do not wish to be confused.

I want to be used, by Yah. Therefore, I must ask questions and allow Yahuah to be and reveal my answers. So who I am is not the titles I have. But who I am is a reflection of whose I am. . . not a child, but a woman of The Most High Yah.

Published by ourfirstfamilyphoto

The breeze makes me happy, leaves make me smile. And I am now a part of nature, I've brought forth life.

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