Two Month Old in Three Month Clothing

Dr. Katie came in to see her patient for her two month check up. Doc glowed with excitement because of how much our Sweet Pea is sprouting. A chart is shown to my husband and I depicting Zion’ah’s growth. Zi’s length, now 22 inches; her head circumference and weight are all projecting and gaining beautifully. Thank Yah!

Side note: Zion’ah is now 90% boob juice fed and 10% formula fed.

More details to come.

With all the good news, we were told to slow down how much we’re feeding her. Apparently, newborns are suggested to gain a pound a month; however, our big girl almost gained three. At our one month visit she was 10 lbs and this current visit she is 12.95 lbs (Granny and My Love round numbers, so Zion’ah is truthfully 13 lbs).

Doc instructed us not to feed her more than four ounces because we don’t want her to gain too much weight, but don’t starve her of course.

Mannnn, Zion’ah be actin’ TOO HUNGRY!! Terrence calls her greedy, I call her growing. Either way, she’s 9/10 asking for more boob juice regardless if she just ate two ounces or five.

On another tip, as Zion’ah was examined, her pediatrician mentioned the top of her head needs unrefined coconut oil and for us to lightly brush her hair after application to help some of the access skin that’s gathered come off.

Also, during our one month visit Doc noticed some white yeast gathered on Sweet Pea’s tongue. She noted it’s not uncommon and to dilute some grapeseed oil with water, take a q-tip and rub the liquid on her tongue and my nipples (to avoid us transferring it back and forth) three times a day for two weeks. With this two month check-up, we were happy and blessed to hear the yeast is gone. I thought it was still there, but Doc said babies tongues are sometimes stained from breast milk.

Dr. Katie asked if Zion’ah started making sounds and smiles. Terrence and I were beaming behind our covered faces and synchronized a joyful, “Yes!” Doc mentioned this is one of her favorite milestones; it has definitely become one of mine, too.

Zion’ah now glows whenever she sees our face or hears our voice. She warms my heart every time! I count my blessings when I see her and Terrence. She loves her Daddy, yo! He’ll come smell her, kiss her, talk to her, play with her, and her excitement engulfs her entire body! She starts kicking her legs, her smile grows, her arms jolt and her breathing speeds up; she knows her father and she knows he loves her. There’s no doubt in my mind. But don’t get it twisted, with all the love – they do not play about each other. Period.

Today, Terrence’s older brother got married back home. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make the wedding, so we joined via Zoom. Mommy’s duty, I got Sweet Pea dressed. Looking in her closet I couldn’t find any newborn clothes that matched the wedding colors, but she had a three month onesie that did. I wonder. . . And sho nuff, it fit her perfectly! I couldn’t help but laugh! We’ve been stuffing our daughter in newborn clothes because of her age. I believe for the past two weeks she could’ve been in the three month clothing because Terrence started just clipping the middle button instead of all three, so her onesie’s wouldn’t be too tight.

Welp, Family, we officially have a two month old in three month old clothing.

It is still so surreal SHE IS HERE. Zion’ah is truly our gift from Yah, and being a part of and witnessing her growth is the greatest blessing we are gifted!

All praises to The Most High Elohiym! 💙

Thank Yah.

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